6 A.M. Story

Everyone has a relationship with 6AM. For many just the thought of it brings anxiety and apprehension, others embrace an early start recognizing the possibilities a new day brings and wish to make the most of it. We all know the cliche “the early bird gets the worm”, it is likely one of the first life advice cliches burned into our psyches. Some take it to heart; most of us, however, have developed a “whatever” attitude to that little gem of wisdom. For those who rise early naturally or have developed the habit over years of necessity, kudos! For the rest of us there are times when we are forced by circumstance to meet the dawn head on. Kayaking Antelope Canyon on Lake Powell is fun anytime of day, but to get the proverbial worm, best start early.

In Page, AZ for kayakers 6AM is the magic hour to begin a journey on Lake Powell. That doesn’t mean rolling out of bed at 6. Let’s go through the timeline based on spending the night in Page, AZ to make that splendid journey. 5AM alarm goes off, snooze. 5:05AM get up and gather things needed for the kayak tour* (have everything packed night before). 5:15AM brush teeth and head out the door. 5:20AM stop at gas station for coffee (Circle K, Maverick, or Shell). 5:30AM Drive to Antelope Point Public Launch Ramp. 5:45AM check in with guide to receive your kayaking stuff; PFD, waterproof boxes and bags, and brief orientation.

6AM, once you take the first paddle stroke you will be rewarded for your grit and determination that has made the 6AM Antelope Canyon kayak tour a reality. Calm, quiet; this place is yours and yours alone. Could someone have the same idea as you and have gotten an early start? Maybe, not likely. Paddling through glassy smooth water in a kayak is a special experience that only the early birds get to enjoy.

Shade, Antelope Canyon early in the morning is filled with glorious shade. The benefits of shade are many:
1. The longer the sun does not sizzle on you skin the better.
2. Walking through the narrows in the is cool and quiet.
3. Photos of the canyon in full shade are fantastic. Colors pop and detail is great. Once the sun begins to creep into the canyon it makes photography more difficult, patches of sun provide too much contrast.

People, the secret is out, during the summer as the day progresses hundreds of paddlers will make their way into Antelope Canyon. To be among the first to visit during the day provides the satisfaction of knowing you did it right and you had the experience unlike any that follow that day.

Time, getting an early start allows you to see Antelope Canyon at its best, it also allows you to have the rest of the day free. Finishing your Antelope Canyon paddle at 10AM brings time for
more adventures, more travel time or even time for a nap during the hottest part of the day.

Is it worth it to commit to being an early bird for the 6AM kayak tour of Antelope Canyon? Hard to say for sure, but all signs point to yes. Anytime is a great time to paddle that is certain. If a special experience is what you are after, do yourself a favor and make it happen. You will be glad you did once your paddle hits the water.

*shoes or sandals that can get wet and/or muddy, sun protection(for the paddle back), 1 liter of water per person, swimming attire, camera/phone.