Thanksgiving is a time for families to get together. To remember what we are grateful for, thankful for, and most of all simply a time to spend together. In 2020 with Covid-19 it has made getting together really difficult from traveling, practicing social distancing, et cetera–all necessary step to everyone safe and healthy.

Here at Lake Powell Adventure Co. we have taken all the precautionary steps as well from properly sterilizing our gears and making sure each group cluster practice social distancing from one another. With that in mind here are some Thanksgiving tours we have done in a small group, remembering what we are grateful for–to be free and healthy (both as an individual and as a society)

2020-11-26 1000 Antelope Canyon Kayak + Hike Tour

Happy Thanksgiving! What a lovely morning with a beautiful family, thank you for spending the day with us!

2020-11-26 1100 Antelope Canyon Kayak + Hike Tour

The weather held out for us on the beautiful Thanksgiving day!

2020-11-26 1330 4×4 Alstom Point Off-Road Tour in Lake Powell

What a beautiful place to spend Thanksgiving! Alstrom Point is always stunning, but especially magic hour.